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In 1998, Steve Buhler left the downtown law firm where he had worked for several years and opened his own practice.  He is pleased with the personal service he is now able to provide his clients.  Steve Buhler has handled a variety of cases in courts all around the State of Utah. 

Since 2003 Steve Buhler has been recognized by Martindale Hubbell as having a "very high rating in both legal ability and ethical standards." In 2009 the Supreme Court of Utah certified and appointed Steve Buhler as a mentor for new attorneys admitted to the bar. The Law Firm of Stephen J. Buhler has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In 2011 and again in 2012 Steve Buhler was named as one of the top Family Law Attorneys in the state by Utah Business Magazine.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping you avoid and solve legal problems.  We understand that hiring an attorney can be an intimidating experience.  Be assured that every member of our firm will handle your case seriously, sensitively, and confidentially.  We want you to be comfortable and secure in allowing us to help you with your legal issues.


An adoption case is not only wonderful for the adopting family, it is also one of the most enjoyable things that attorneys and judges participate in as part of their jobs.

The most common adoptions are adoptions by step-parents or adoptions of a child by a married couple.

There are different rules which must be followed for adoptions within a family, interstate adoptions, foreign adoptions, private placement adoptions, step-parent adoptions and adult adoptions.

In the case where the rights of an unmarried biological father are sought to be terminated as part of the adoption, Utah law recognizes many different categories of unmarried biological fathers. The law requires that some, but not all, of these fathers be given notice and of some fathers requires their consent. However, the consent or even notice to some fathers is not required.

In most cases, the adopting parent or parents will be required to pass a background check. In some cases that background check will be part of a required adoptive home study.

In some cases the consent of the adoptee is required.

Utah law also has provisions regarding the legal nature of the relationship between the adopting parents and an age difference requirement between the adopting parent and the adoptee.

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